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You have big plans for your business. But do you have the cash flow to make them happen? If not, help is on the way, thanks to Fleet One Factoring, a custom accounts receivable financing program designed exclusively for transportation industry businesses just like yours.

Factoring Means Opportunity!
The resources you need to thrive in a competitive industry are just a phone call away. And since Fleet One is owned by LLR Partners, FTV Capital and the Fleet One management team, we have the stability to provide you with a worldclass factoring program.

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Fleet One Factoring
Fleet One Factoring Fleet One Factoring can give your business a big boost by offering you:



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Accelerated Cash Flow. Why wait months for your customers to pay their bills? Receive your money within 24 hours of the time we purchase your invoices, and improve your cash flow right away!

Powerful Real-Time Reporting. No more guessing about your account activities – you’ll have them in writing. We deliver daily reports on funded invoices, plus weekly and monthly reports. Visit our website, login with your user name and password, and enjoy secure, confidential, real-time access to your latest account information.

Fuel Card Funding. You can even use Fleet One Factoring to fund your Fleet One Over The Road (OTR) fuel card, instead of dealing with letters of credit, surety bonds, cash deposits, or the credit approval process.

Flexibility. Improved cash flow gives you more flexibility for opportunities like extending credit terms to large accounts.

Peace Of Mind. Why worry about paying your bills on time or meeting payroll obligations? You’ll have the cash you need to meet the daily demands of business. Plus, we assume the risk for the receivables you sell us, so you can count on getting paid.

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